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Friends of Aireville Park host a Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox

On Saturday 17th June 2017 people of all ages and parts of Skipton gathered on the sunny Saturday afternoon in Aireville Park for a community picnic as part of a series of celebratory events happening across the country to honour the memory of Jo Cox.

Sharon Jefferies, Vice-chairperson Friends of Aireville Park said

“Jo Cox was a wonderful and inspirational women and Aireville Park is the perfect location in Skipton for everyone to come together to celebrate what makes our community great and to remember all the things we have in common. In true Jo style we had families from all over town coming together, sharing food, stories, laughing, playing and enjoying our shared green space. We all had a lot of fun!”

During the event we asked people what unites and brings people together, the park and our shared green spaces came up tops, but so did cake! It was a picnic after all.

Join us for a Community Get-Together

We are planning a big picnic lunch for all in the park on Saturday 17th June.

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We’d love to see our friends, their friends, and new friends in the park. We are meeting at noon by the bandstand.  Bring a pinic rug and food to share.  We will bring some games and hopefully some musical friends.